Tuesday, February 2, 2010

County Judge Election

My first message concerns the election of a County Judge for Sabine County Texas. Our current Judge is Charles Watson who has been a calming effect on a serious divide in the County for several years. I am fully supporting Judge Watson's bid for re-election in the March 2 primary.

His opponent has been a lightning rod of discontent in Sabine County every since he arrived as our Postmaster on his white government horse. We had another stranger arrive after Mr. Yocom on his white horse named whose name was Hyden.
He mesmerized the people into electing him as our County Judge and then discovered he was more of a con man than honorable person. He was quick to depart after a sleazy attempt to divert money from the Shriners Hospital to himself.

After Mr. Yocom's sudden and unexplained departure from the Postal Service he embarked on a planned mission to follow in Hyden's footsteps by running for County Judge. His heavy handed actions on the Boards of G-M Water and the Sabine County Hospital helped create the chaos we have had for the past few years that divided the County's voters.

Mr. Yocom, while still Postmaster, asked Gene Nethery and I to attend some Board meetings at G-M Water. This was an unpaid consultation and I attended two meetings and spent time with each employee to observe the operations. In my work I found that the Board was using questionable borrowing transactions that could put the owners at some risk they were not aware of. Our recommendations to the Board was that they all resign and have a new election. When they got the report I was advised they did not need any more of my recommendations or my services.

When I served as an unpaid consultant, at the request of the Hospital Board Chairman, Mr. Yocom took my written recommendations and tried to have charges brought against me for criticizing an elected public official.

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  1. Glad you have a blog to vent your views which have always been "fair and balanced"