Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toyota Phase Two

It did not take long for the Obama Governmant and the Unions to do what I predicted in my last entry. The smokescreen has reached the radicals in Congress to start the witch hunt to destroy Toyota.

You did not see the Transportation Secretary personally get involved when Ford or GM has product recalls. He actually told people stop driving their Toyota's.

Rather than repeat an excellant article written today go to;

The administration has no concern for the 35,000 American Toyota workers.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This past December I finished an eight part article that is being published on the website "Sustainable Success Alert'. I wrote this for a friend and the first part is now available for review. The title is "Quality is Common Sense". In part eight I addressed that the American automobile industry had committed suicide long before the bail outs. This also included Ford. I also noted that the Japanese were trained during reconstruction that automobile buyers were interested in a vehicle that was reliable and defect free. Using this common sense they designed their products to include customer satisfaction instead of customer service. They also decided to build their plants away from the unionized waste practiced in States with closed shops. Sounds pretty simple and it was. They captured a lions share of the market over the past 59 years.

Then Toyoto apparently forgot that quality of design was important. They went to sleep at the top after gaining stature as the largest in the world. They had now regressed to the level that the Americans used to commit hari kari a long time ago.

In my 58 years of work in Quality I have watched this cycle repeat itself over and over and over. Consumers of any product or service are not happy that they can get great service when they buy something. Taking defective things back over and over to get it fixed or replaced or sitting in dealers waiting rooms is not what they desired when they bought whatever it was. They want to be satisfied when they buy it. I feel sorry for the other Japanese manufacturers as they will all be attacked by the Americans trying to stir up the people about buy American. I own two Honda's and they certainly understand the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction. We have bought three Honda's in the past three years and none have ever had to be returned for a defect, recall or a defective anything. That my friends is "Customer Satisfaction". I drove GM and Ford products for over 60 years and never owned one that did not have to be taken back for defective problems and several many many times.

Why is Common Sense so hard for leadership to understand, like our President and Congress they ignore the fact that God gave us two ears and one mouth. We are designed to listen to twice as much as we are expected to say.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting smarter

I have read two outstanding books this past week. The first is titled "Liberals: Americas Termites", by Burt Prelutsky. Every conservative in America should read this book. It has some excellent facts related to Israel that I found educational. I have spent a lot of time this past year learning more about the history of how America was created by a group of freedom loving individuals who staked their lives on their desires. Glenn Beck has taught me more about this than all of the history classes I ever had. Burt's book just widened my knowledge base and with his outstanding writing skills made this a reading pleasure.

You can order an autographed copy this book for $15, plus $5 postage from;
Scorched Earth Press
16604 Dearborn Street
North Hills, CA 91343-3604
California residents add $1.50 for California sales tax

The second book is "Obamanomics", by Timothy P Carney. When you read this you will discover how big businesses are driving Congress, Unions and Obama to use the regulatory processes and Lobbyist to eliminate their competition. Big business has no fear of a Socialist State as they do know how to plan far enough ahead to rape the customer. I will never buy anything from GM, GE, Chrysler again. With the Financial sector in bed with the Government, coupled with the games big business play, our financial future is bleak. The Muslim world is becoming as smart as the Communist have been for years. When we wreck our economy we will accomplish a defeat called suicide. Our enemy will have defeated us without firing a gun or suffering any losses. Available at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

County Judge Election

My first message concerns the election of a County Judge for Sabine County Texas. Our current Judge is Charles Watson who has been a calming effect on a serious divide in the County for several years. I am fully supporting Judge Watson's bid for re-election in the March 2 primary.

His opponent has been a lightning rod of discontent in Sabine County every since he arrived as our Postmaster on his white government horse. We had another stranger arrive after Mr. Yocom on his white horse named whose name was Hyden.
He mesmerized the people into electing him as our County Judge and then discovered he was more of a con man than honorable person. He was quick to depart after a sleazy attempt to divert money from the Shriners Hospital to himself.

After Mr. Yocom's sudden and unexplained departure from the Postal Service he embarked on a planned mission to follow in Hyden's footsteps by running for County Judge. His heavy handed actions on the Boards of G-M Water and the Sabine County Hospital helped create the chaos we have had for the past few years that divided the County's voters.

Mr. Yocom, while still Postmaster, asked Gene Nethery and I to attend some Board meetings at G-M Water. This was an unpaid consultation and I attended two meetings and spent time with each employee to observe the operations. In my work I found that the Board was using questionable borrowing transactions that could put the owners at some risk they were not aware of. Our recommendations to the Board was that they all resign and have a new election. When they got the report I was advised they did not need any more of my recommendations or my services.

When I served as an unpaid consultant, at the request of the Hospital Board Chairman, Mr. Yocom took my written recommendations and tried to have charges brought against me for criticizing an elected public official.